Tuesday, September 16, 2014

stuck in bed

Not much to report yet today.. I am staying home from school.. I feel like a train wreck, but getting better.. I hope to be back on track tomorrow.. I have not been sick in probably 2 years... and an African illness is awful... Plus there's that worry that it might be something serious that could really lay you up for a while. Thanks to my sister who sent about 80 movies over, I hope to watch a few this morning... We found a store the other day that was selling diet cokes, so I should be set this morning.. There's a great little shop up the road from us where we buy our jugs of water and bread.. they also have a good supply of American candy.. Yes, you guessed it... it's a 7/11..

 I am learning to be more African in my waiting in line.. I have learned that there really is no line.. and you have to just push up and demand help.. it's the way here.. I have spent many hours cursing under my breath as people cut line, go right past me and get service, as I stand there with arms folded and steam coming out of my ears.  I went to the cable company again yesterday to see about our service.. On Thursday of last week I prepaid for 3 months service so I could use my VISA card as opposed to cash.. Well, it all went down without a hitch except that the whole weekend the cable was out.. I went in yesterday, the kids were dancing off on the side of the store , and waited, waited ,waited.. then pushed ahead and demanded service.. the guy looked at me if I was crazy, consulted another employee and told me that the reason my cable didn't work is because they don't process credit cards over the weekend.... AH!!!. I see..  I asked if I should come in on a Wednesday next time I want to pay with a credit card, he said a monday or tuesday would be better.

Yesterday since we are down to one car, I went to drop Michelle off at the hospital where she is . it is call Kamuzu Central Hospital... Maybe she should put up a post regarding work.. It was surreal and I really wasn't expecting it... As we were dropping her off there was a family of Malawians following a hospital worker who was pushing a flat bed looking crate across the parking lot.. there was a white sheet over a small object, and Michelle informed me that they had just lost a child..

I guess I shouldn't complain about my illness.

I don't have any photos yet today, but I stumbled upon this gem.. it'll give you a sense of the language here while also offering a little comic relief.. It is a video of Malawian standup comedy.. by none other than Mr. Jokes... ( I love mr. Jokes).. what I love most about this video is the laugh track..
Ok, off to watch a movie, puke my brains out and moan and groan..

 mr. jokes