Thursday, September 25, 2014

losing patience... kids are pooped

I had arranged to see a vehicle today after making arrangements , but as it turns out , the  only time i can view the vehicle will be tomorrow morning at some point in time.. I don't know what time and where, and will have to make arrangements at work to go see the vehicle. At the same time, the van we bought needs an estimated cost of 2800$ of work done on it.. We are debating which way to go on this thing.. Any way you slice it, it stinks.. Our thinking right now is to buy another vehicle, try and sell the van (as is) at a lower cost , sell the newer vehicle when we leave and cut our losses.. Oh well, it's just money right?? I am losing patience though, as it is taking a very long time to get this settled and we are no closer to resolving the problem.  I have made the mistake of buying this thing in the first place and am definitely paying for it. This headache comes with moving to another country, trusting in others  and hoping that things work out.. 

On another note, I think I mentioned it yesterday, but my kids are exhausted in the evening.. They are all ready to cash it in by about 7:30 every night. Last night was ridiculous.. Everyone was ready as soon as we got home.. I stayed after school today to watch Kate's swim practice and I have to admit.. they are doing an awesome job of coaching the swimmers.. Kate is getting a serious workout and some great tips on her strokes. 

I have attached a video that shows you how each morning at school starts. This is at 7:10 am when the school day starts.. every child is out playing on campus until they ring a bell. Franny is in this video somewhere. This is also the view from my classroom. 
I don't know if it's true or not, but the light here is unbelievably beautiful. It could just be a psychological thing.. (i'm in Africa therefore it has to be pretty), but every evening from about 4-6pm, the light is stunning. same with the morning.. the problem with the morning is that the birds in our yard wake up about 3 am. And it seems like there are hundreds of them...This, coupled with the local mosque broadcasting their prayers over an intercom, makes for some restless moments at night..

Kate's soccer team is heading out to hike Nkhoma Mountain this Saturday morning as a team building exercise. I think it's a great idea and a great way to get the kids out of the school setting. She'll leave early saturday morning at 9.

We ate at Pensacola Spur last night and this may be the last time you read those two words together on this blog.. It was without a doubt the worst dining experience I've had in a long time. First of all, they didn't have any beer.. I'll spare you the rest.. We all felt ill afterwards( that skyline chili feeling, but instead of feeling awful but happy you had skyline, you just feel awful)..  Not much else to say except that other than the van situation.. things are good. We are still getting pulled over at least 4 times a week for nothing in particular, there are still mice on a stick being sold on the street corner, and the weather is still amazingly beautiful.  
on the doorstep of my classroom

School begins
Native Americans would not be proud of this establishment