Monday, September 1, 2014

shopping for light bulbs and of course, public urination

Great day of teaching, only to be soured by a trip to the store for light bulbs and paint.
Ill spare you the details because it is the same song and dance.. I have scoured Lilongwe looking for a particular bulb for the outside of my house.. The guards have asked for it for the past 5 days and I thought today would be the day.. But it wasn't.. and now I have to take the item back and return it.. That will be fun. I also bought a can of paint today, trying to touch up some areas in the house... much to my discouragement, the paint was an oil base and it was high gloss.. I didn't want either of these things....
I did manage to grill out and had a nice dinner.. the veggies and some of the fruits here are amazing.. just take precaution and either wash them well or peel them. There is fresh cauliflower and broccoli, as well as pineapple, paw paws, mangoes , bananas, avocados and more.. All available on most sides of the road or via a woman walking down the street with a basket on her head.. the other thing that can be found in mass quantities is Mandasi... I believe that is what it is called.. all through the city, people will have giant plastic tubs full of Mandasi.. it is a deep fried ball of dough... basically their version of a doughnut.. I had a few today for a snack at school..

 Aside from the frustrations of trying to find things that are so easy to come by at home... one of the great perks of living in Malawi is the fact that you can pee wherever you please... I took a walk to the cable company tonight (another fun story) and witnessed at least 10 people peeing on the side of the road... what a sight.. something they don't really tell you about in the guide books..

Not much else to report.. except that the routine officially feels normal. I have fallen into place here, and that is a good thing.. I ll be ready to help the kids with the transition once they get here.. I'm sure Jude will love the fact that he can pee wherever he pleases..
Happy Labor Day.. Here's some photos of a few shops near our home.
Cell phone repair shop/ booth

some shops near our home

Mandasi in my greasy mitt