Wednesday, September 10, 2014

adjusting... all in good time

Well, we pushed our kids to the limit yesterday and I think everyone did really well.. All the kids really enjoyed their first day (even Kate) and I think the school will be a good fit for the kids.. The difference between here and there is probably just the vast space the kids have here. Things are organized and run very similar to home, but the atmosphere is different. This is a campus and there are places for the kids to play , run around and be social.. On that front, it is better..  On the other hand, a place like this is probably tough to be in for a long period of time.. people here are transient.. good friends leave after a year or two, and I hear students talk about that alot.. It has to be tough to go to school here for a long period of time, always seeing friends go back home.. It isn't like home where you know everyone... which is a great thing about home.

Kids were up and at them today (except Kate who had a very difficult time sleeping last night) and back at school today.. We have a day of soccer practice , an open house night amongst other things.. It wouldn't feel so busy if the city didn't shut down at dark.. We have to get items from the store and it is tough to do when everything closes immediately at 4:30 or 6. You don't really want to be doing too much traveling around after dark.. driving as stated earlier,, is a disaster.

Attached are our African mini-van(with animal viewing roof rack!) , a group of weaver bird nests (notice how they are upside down).. and a random photo of a local hardware store.( hard to find exactly what you need anywhere around here).. all for today...

We hope to go to the lake this weekend.. probably will head back to Senga Bay.. I'm sure all of you will be waiting anxiously to find out whether or not that happens.. don't worry, Ill let you know.

Local hardware store

Mini van!!! missing window but a sweet roof rack!!