Tuesday, September 9, 2014

First day of school

Well, I'm not sure how rested the kids are for the first day, but they've been out of school too long.. so we thought it best to jump in feet first. Up and getting dressed at 545, out the door at 645.
 Maura probably slept 45 minutes last night and was in and out of our bed for most of the night..Kate didn't sleep well and Jude said he "probably slept for 3 hours". Franny was the only one that jumped out of bed and was ready to tackle the day.. she urged Jude to get up, got his belt for him , ate, brushed her teeth and put on her backpack and was ready to go.. Amazing. They all had cereal they hated, a "jungle bar", hard boiled eggs and bananas for breakfast.. Too much information??

The kids have been great so far.. I know this is a tough transition for them... And even though everything seems so strange, they are rolling with the punches.. On the way to school today they marveled at the amount of things people can pack on their bikes and all the little children walking to school. It was of course, a gorgeous and breezy day... Kate has horse riding lessons right after school as well, so we'll see how that goes... other than that, not much to report.. Thanks to Mike Delaney for handling the selling of our car!! we really appreciate the help.. I owe you. Lots to do and manage as the kids begin their new adventure.. I have Kate for art in a few hours, so Ill be able to see how she is coping.. All for now.. have students coming in the door in a few minutes.

early rise... sleeping under nets

First day!! at our home with Foxy