Saturday, September 6, 2014

Saturday morning.. early

It's 7 am here.. I got up about 530 due to the fact that the birds were extra loud this morning.. that's too bad as the weather here is perfect for sleeping.. upper 50's, a little breezy..  I thought I 'd post a little early as I am hoping to get some things accomplished today..  Michelle and the kids have made it on their flight and should arrive into South Africa around 11 am Cincinnati time.  Michelle is absolutely awesome with this stuff.. checked 10 bags(I'm sure one of them is just legos for jude) and 4 kids..It is an 15-17 hour flight.. no stops..  Apparently it is the 4th longest flight in the world.. The kids are going to eat it up... they'll each watch 8 movies.  Michelle called from Atlanta and said Jude turned to her mid flight and said..."this is awesome! I could get used to this!" They are spending the night in Johannesburg as I believe there are only a few flights a week that hit Malawi. Johannesburg airport is a culture shock in and of itself.. totally unorganized, but really great.. You are surrounded by people from all over the world.. and, as stated before, the Americans are a breeze to find in a giant crowd.. Luckily they will be staying at a hotel right off the airport site... Jo'burg is notorious for crime and we will keep our fingers crossed that nothing is stolen out of their bags.. When we lived in Botswana , everyone called that area of South Africa "Gangsta's Paradise" as it is located in the Gauteng Province of South Africa (The GP). so Sunday morning they will catch a 10 am flight, arrive here at 12:30. 

 Going to head out for my first run here in Malawi as the air is cool and yes, it's gorgeous outside.  Hope all is well at home. 
here's the flight pattern if anyone wants to make the trek!!!