Monday, September 15, 2014


Ill keep this post short and sweet as I am under the weather today.. My initial concern is of course.. malaria.. but I think we 'll think that anytime one of us is ill.. Made it through school today, Michelle picked us up and I have been on the couch the past hour .. got to catch the last 30 minutes of the "Blues Brothers" and a half hour of Looney Tunes.. sometimes it pays to be in a place that is 20 years behind everyone else.
Other sickening news... the van we purchased I took to a reputable mechanic (who was recommended after the fact) and he stated that I should sell the van I just bought "as is" and hope to break even.. it has serious issues and he doesn't think it ll be worth fixing.. I am in a serious pickle.. We have to sort this one out ... Others have stated that we could potentially take it to another mechanic who knows this type of vehicle.. so we have to figure out what to do.. Im not sure what the right thing to do is here and I totally and completely regret ever getting into this situation.. I have a vehicle with a beautiful roof rack that I am being told I shouldn't drive... I've had it for 2 weeks....  I have learned my lesson.. What seemed to be too good to be true is in fact just that..

Oh well.. on a good note.. the kids are doing well and had a nice day at school.. Here's a photograph of Frances making flowers at school.. Hope all is well at home. Hopefully Ill be back on track tomorrow. Also attached is a picture of a boat being towed in by a giant John Deere tractor.. Each boat that needed to be brought in or put out during the day was done by this man and his tractor.. kind of cool