Monday, September 22, 2014


Our kids were up and ready to tackle the day today. I couldn't believe it. When we got to school they were cracking jokes, running around, laughing and screaming.. I had no idea what came over them. I realized that this is probably finally starting to feel normal for them. The days will begin to get very busy for them.. which is nice. The three little ones will have soccer practice 2 days a week and swimming 3 days a week.. Kate will have soccer 3 days a week and swimming 4 days a week.. Everything is finished by 4:30... the sun sets at 530 and the evenings are ours.. This city shuts down at dark.. there is nothing going on after sundown.. Of course, you can go out to eat, grab a drink, etc.. but the hustle and bustle of the day is over.

I have picked up the kids swim gear for the year... includes caps, suit and sweatsuit, etc.. it is serious here.. and expensive.

Yesterday we had a wonderful lunch at a friends' home, which was fantastic for the kids.. Their yard was just a big as ours, but included a trampoline and a pool.. plus loads of toys.. I love the layouts of many of the homes here.. they are very open and well landscaped.. Most homes feel like beach homes... a good sense of bringing the "outside- in"..

Not much else to report today.. I had the girls help me with laundry yesterday. Since we don't have a washing machine, hand washing is the way to go... The photo is our version of the spin cycle... the girls then helped pin up the clothing to dry.. I miss my washer/ dryer and my dishwasher, but it was fun to hang laundry... Reminded me of my mom and helping her put up clothes.

Several people were asking about how to send us mail/ packages, etc...  there are two ways I know of currently that may be the best..  Cincinnati Children's Hospital has a P.o. box as well, but I can't seem to get the key to work..

1. DHL- this is the most efficient, but the most expensive.. I have been advised that you ship the stuff from a DHL office in the U.S. with specific instructions for the office here in Lilongwe once it arrives here.. They will call our cell phone number (which you can get from us if you want it, and I will pick it up).

2. You can send it to
ABC Christian Academy
P.O. Box 1028
Lilongwe, Malawi

the problem with this method is that it does take a while,  but is the cheapest.. But they will inform us  that there is a package available for us to pick up by sending a very small receipt slip. It can get lost, etc. and then there's no way to receive the package.. But, it will save some money and the trip to the post office to retrieve the package makes for a great blog post.. Those were some of the best trips into town while living in Botswana..

My cell phone number here is +265 0994081569.... Michelle's number is +265 0993367993
we can receive Skype over our cell phone number.. I think that is all for now today..  We love to hear from everyone..
All for today... My planning period is almost finished here at school.

Hope all is well at home.

P.O. Boxes
spin cycle