Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Lots of goodbyes and tears.... Last day at the lake

This was meant to come out on Sunday but haven't been able to connect . I will try and write tomorrow regarding our last trip to the lake and update on this week . Sorry for the lack of communication but internet has been poor lately . Also , I am busy packing up and tying up loose ends.  Will post more hopefull tomorrow . For now , here's some notes feomnthenlast day of school .  Real quick before I forget ... Me and the kids saw a black mamba crossing a sandy road by the lake yesterday .. Check that off the list . Here's notes from end if school stuff .. Busy around here.
Well , it was a bittersweet final day . The kids were in tears saying goodby to good friends and were silent on the way home from school . I think they were surprised at how upset they were . It's been a great year .. A year where school opened their eyes to diversity , and a new environment where you were outside almost 75% of your day .. I think going back to school at home will be an adjustment . I think the experience bonded the kids more than ever. Kate realized it was the last time she'd be going to school with the 3 little ones . 
We are at the lake and it is gorgeous .. We have rented a private home with a pool and couldn't ask for a better place to spend our last days at the lake .. Lots of reading , playing in the sand and swimming of course . Pedro is the property caretaker and speaks little to no English . But he's fluent on Portuguese and Chichewa . It will be sad to say goodbye to such a beautful place . But it's a good ending . I think we re ready to come home . One last braai tonight lakeside , one last star gazing session this evening , then we head back to lilongwe to start the organizing and packing for our departure next week.