Wednesday, October 8, 2014

No rain today as well.. sunny, bright, breezy and warm.. Apparently the rains come in November.. But it's not a steady rain, it's  more like summer at home where you get a chance of a good storm every day.. And if the storms here are anything like they were in Botswana,,
we'll have kids camping in our bedroom for a while..

I realize the blog has been a bit boring and not as lively as the one in Botswana.. Unfortunately, due to my job, I 'm not able to get out into the villages like I was able to there.. It is something I hope to do soon...

Things here have settled.. Of course we miss our families and friends at home, but I think all of us feel settled and the kids have fallen right into place. The worst part of being here is probably the social aspect of it for the kids.. Kids don't really get together after school or on the weekend like they do at home.. So, they rely on each other for entertainment. This can be hard on Kate for sure, as she is surrounded by her little siblings.. But she is doing very well.  This is a tough age for her and I am very proud of the way she has jumped right into things here and is dealing with not being surrounded by her friends at home.

I think this place will totally drive you mad for one moment, and within the same span of time, you think you could live here forever..  The water outages, power outages, bad food, long lines, bad vehicles, all add to the flavor of the place.. But frustrations aside, the place treats us well and is our speed.  I just wish I could stay awake past 9pm.. Once we sort out our 2nd vehicle issues, all will be well...

A few business ideas I have that I think would thrive here....

1.Car rentals at reasonable rates.. or selling vehicles that you are willing to buy back when people leave the country.. This has been without a doubt a headache.. I have a gentleman willing to rent me a 4x4 7 seater, but I can't get a hold of him.. ever. I had a man willing to rent us a van for 1000$ a month, with mileage restrictions.. Most of the time, you have to buy the vehicle straight up, and hope to sell it at the end of your time .. Plus, people want alot of money for vehicles that aren't worth it..

2. recycling- it's non existent here(except Carlsberg beer bottles and Coke and Fanta bottles)

3. garbage disposal- it's non existent here.. Most of the time, people just throw it over the back of the fence or (as stated in an earlier post) burn it in the runoff drains on the side of the road.. It does leave a wonderful smell in the air that makes you know you are in Africa.

4. a cooler store.. Coolers are 100$.... i could sell coolers of various shapes, colors and sizes at reasonable prices!!!

I think that's all for now... students coming into class..