Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday= Reading day!

A bit of a celebration today at school. Today is officially reading day so everyone get dressed up as their favorite characters from books.. Of course, we did not plan to bring any costumes from home and finding things to make costumes here is a bit of a pain so we went with simple.. I , was Huck Finn, Jude and Franny were the brother and sister duo from the Magic Treehouse books, Maura was Detective Mma Ramotswa from the "No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency" and Kate was Ponyboy Curtis from the greatest book of all time.. "the Outsiders".  In preparation for Maura's costume, we needed an African skirt, so we headed to the market down the street from us to pick up some Malawian fabric.... The photo are the two Rastafarians who helped us with our purchased. They were great and sold us a few yards of fabric for about 6$. Not sure if the price was right, but I didn't feel like bargaining.

We somehow got the car back within 24 hours so we can plan our day trip to Kuti Wildlife Reserve and the lake on saturday.. (just a fuse problem... someone had wrapped a bad fuse with wire to keep from replacing, and apparently the wire wasn't catching.. so problem was minor!!
Kuti is a small place that has some non predator animals that can be seen from horse, bike , walk or self drive safaris..  It's a good place for us to take in the scenery and enjoy  a day together as a family without spending alot of money on a serious game park..  Plus it is close to the lake which we plan to take in Sunday morning/ afternoon. We have reserved a chalet "the Impala"... check it out.

I am going to check out another vehicle today.. it's an old safari vehicle and the price is right.. I have a lead hope that it works out.. I am getting good reviews from people who have owned this particular model and apparently parts are easy to come by here in Malawi.. as opposed to some other vehicles..
Fingers crossed.
No other news to report, the weather here is spectacular...

Hope all is well at home.. Ill have some pictures on sunday or monday.

Stay Gold..