Tuesday, October 14, 2014

some perks

Aside from such wonderful things as a picturesque lake, beautiful landscape, kindhearted people, and malaria,  Malawi offers some wonderful snacks that we love.. I'll lull you to sleep with a few of them.  The variety of potato chip/ doritos here is fantastic.. There are so many flavors and all of them are really delicious.. Simba chips(pictured below) are my personal favorite.. The Parmalat box in the photo is a box of banana flavored milk.. Yes, sounds strange, but is excellent.. On the healthy side... the bananas are unbelievable.. They aren't huge, but very sweet and the price is right.. I bought a bunch of 20 yesterday for 2$ from a roadside stall. . they usually look bruised and almost on the verge of banana bread material, but they stay ripe for a long time..  The problem with the snacks is that they don't come in Family Jumbo size.. they come in normal human sizes, which require us to buy at least 12 bags at a time at the shop.. Somehow this makes me feel better about myself.. 
 the cookies here are pretty amazing as well.  We ate 3 bags of wafer cookies last night as well as a bag of some oreo-esque cookies, that had a faint smell of "Mama's Cookies" from my childhood.  Remember those??

Kids are out of uniform today , as it is the last day before a 5 day "Mother's day break". Michelle unfortunately is working most of the week and is on call this evening, so me and the kids are going to head to the lake for a night or two. I am planning to reserve a tent or room at a place called "Cool Runnings".. I think one the first weeks I was here I reserved a room there, but decided not to stay the evening..  here's the TripAdvisor site. Seems totally low key and simple.. like alot of things here.. 

There is baseball on tonight at 10pm.. Im sure it's a tape delay so no one tell me what's going on in the playoffs... 

I also hope to take a drive out to some local villages to begin my photography stuff here.. We 'll see if anything comes of that.. All for now today, Happy Tuesday back home.

One last story...  there is a Wildlife reserve up the road from us... Called the Lilongwe Wildlife Reserve.. It is a neat little place that houses various animals and is supposed to be a nice place to take the kids to view animals behind fences..... The other evening I was there for a TED Talk, and someone who I know was taking a walk around the place, took a photo of a 12 foot crocodile that was laying on the path.. Not behind a fence.. It had come up from the river that goes through the town and was just sitting there out in the open... This path is the path that everyone uses to get through the park (think zoo)..... The man who took the photo said at first he thought it was fake..maybe something the kids can play on.. but no, in fact it was a real croc.... When he asked the park rangers about the crocodile , they stated... "oh yeah, we know that one.." and that was it.. I'm not sure if we'll be spending much time viewing game at the center.  Think this would make the local news at home??

Jude's snack of choice at school.

View of sunset from school entrance.. every single evening..