Monday, October 20, 2014

Back to the grind

After a restful 5 days off, we are back at it.. Kids back to school, and I am back to trying to keep little kids busy and happy during art class... We are now counting down the days to Christmas break and a visit from family , including our son Jacob. Time has flown by since everyone arrived and its hard to believe we are almost through October. This weekend we were able to hang out with other American families down the street from our home.. We were able to walk to our friends home (right around the corner). On our way home, the kids pointed out a giant bat that was hanging in the palm trees above our heads.. It looked like a giant turkey vulture. At our friends' home, right at dusk the sky filled with bats around the house eating the bugs that swarmed to the lights surrounding the home.. It was amazing.. It felt like an Indiana Jones movie... But, the kids continued to play in the yard, and paid no attention to the rodents swarming the sky, some flying so low I'm surprised they didn't take out some of the kids..  Little animals are everywhere here.. I think you just get used to seeing things like geckos and giant spiders climbing your walls.. At dinner, everyone shared stories of rodent invasions of their homes... I'm sure we have our issues, just haven't found them yet.. 
 I also found out our friends have the full MASH collection, and were kind enough to lend me the first season.. Looking forward to sitting down with Frank, Hawkeye and Hotlips. 

Sunday was  a big evening as we grilled pizzas and I made a huge purchase.... We bought the kids a trampoline.. It was delivered to us around 530 and we had it set up in an hour.. The kids were on it immediately.. I'm sure the trampoline will get a good workout for the next 9 months.. All for now.. I just poured myself a container of water from the filter water jugs, only to find a swarm of ants must have invaded the taps... My bottle is full of ant infested water... Stuff is everywhere here.. and it is relentless...  They say that since the rains have come, it isn't uncommon to see monitor lizards, Spitting Cobras and other deadly snakes hanging around campus..  Monitor lizards are the big ones... Cant wait. 

Yard critters

Wet Saturday 

view of the drive