Tuesday, October 7, 2014


The sound file was recorded with Cosmas yesterday while he was preparing food in our yard.. I was showing him one of my audio gadgets and we started talking about how the audio device might be a good way for us to learn Chichewa. Cosmas , along with Joseph are the two people I speak with the most here besides my family. Alot is lost in translation, and I'm not sure what he thinks of me, but I really enjoy talking to him.  He is usually at our home every other day to spend the night in a small brick room right near the gate. Him and Joseph sleep outside and take care of the grounds when Cam is not here. On the weekends, Joseph and Cosmas split their time.. They alternate shifts ... One of them takes the day shift (usually 6am- 4), while the other relieves them around that time to spend the night.. On the weekends , they usually bring in items from home like clothing, shoes ,etc and wash them and hang to dry.. Usually there's a soccer match on and they'll listen to that over their transistor radio..  They make about 70$ a month.

The kids get a day off of after school activities today as I am planning to have a truck looked over so I can be assured it is "ok" to buy.. We will keep our fingers crossed. Chances are , ill pick up the truck, take it to the shop, the shop will be closed and Ill have to wait for another day.

Last night Michelle made an amazing meal (fajitas) with fresh guacamole!! We also found nacho chips and salsa in a specialty shop the other day, so we've been sucking those down... oh , the price for 2 bags of nachos and salsa you ask?? 20$.. but it was worth it.. And we have no other expenses because there's really nothing else to do here..  Gas and Food items.. that's about it..  No target, no nothing...  The guacamole was delicious (as usual) ... Ok, headed out to see a man about a truck .. All for now.


Helping mom make guacamole !!

greatest picture  (taken by Maura)