Sunday, October 12, 2014

country music sunday????

Hi Folks,

sunday here and listening to the local radio station this morning.. apparently it is Country Music sunday on Capital FM... Check it out yourself to hear your favorite country music songs!!

Click link to listen !  CAPITAL FM MALAWI 

Lazy Sunday so far.. Kids have been playing with legos most of the morning, Michelle and I took a walk around the neighborhood and doing some chores around the house.. We plan to go swimming later this afternoon and utilize the showers at the facilities.. Our water has been off and on the past few days( as well as our power) so we are going to make it a point to shower the family at the swim club.  We went yesterday to the club and the kids really had a nice time..

The weather has turned hot and windy.. Apparently this is the way the weather turns in October.. The wind (as Joseph our guard stated) is a sign that rain is to come.... In late November.

We had many of the teachers I work with over last night for a braai and it was a nice evening hanging out at the house..  I can't stay awake past 11 pm any more and zonked out immediately after everyone left.

On Friday I had to get my passport photo taken. The swim club we have joined requires passport photos and I needed to update mine... I went to an area of town in front of a government building that was littered with makeshift passport photo booths... for 2.50$, they take your photo, run the camera over to a parked truck, print it out somehow(This was never shown to me) and finished.. The sign on the booth says "Pomp Pompo" which in Chichewa means "immediately".. So I had the photos done in about 2 minutes.. Way better and cheaper than Walgreens!. The man who was helping me messed up some of the printing and tried to sell me the screw ups for 1/2 off..  Funny.

One side note.. last night many of the teachers (who  live on campus) had photographs of a dead cobra they found on campus.. Apparently they ran it over with a truck several times.. they chopped its head off. From the story , it sounded like the snake put up a pretty good fight. Word on the streets is that the gardeners on campus can receive 1000Kwacha for each snake killed.. 2000 kwacha for each black mamba killed.. They kill the snake, show it to head maintenance guy, and receive their bonus.. People have told me regardless of color or type, the gardeners always say the captured snake is a black mamba..  worth a shot I guess.  We haven't seen any yet, and I hope that we do not.. Our yard has its fair share of birds and lizards, don't need anything else.

Looking forward to a short week of school.. It's Mother's Day weekend here so we are off from Wednesday-Sunday.. We are hoping to get our truck before the beginning of the break, so we can go somewhere for a few days.. Let's hope.. Just waiting on the transfer of funds to go through.

I think that's about it.. Sundays (as stated before) are a little tougher.. Everything here slows to a snails pace so your mind tends to wander back to home.. We hope to make contact with family and friends later in the day.. Hope all is well..

Below is a video of some weaver birds at work on their nests.. They are amazing animals , building upside down nests... Maura is starting to collect the ones that fall to the ground...

Also below is a photograph of a playground at "Steers" restaurant near our house.. It's a South African chain, sort of fast food, specializing in Burgers.. Jude said it was the greatest cheeseburger he's ever had...I think he was being nice, because it was awful.  The only great thing about it was its dilapidated and somewhat frightening playground, and the fact that they had bottled coke and fanta... which is the norm here in Malawi..  I do enjoy drinking coke out of the bottle then taking them back to the store for a refund... Just like childhood.. Only my dad isn't around to ask me to buy him cigarettes for him..

Cheers everyone
Malawian passport shop

Saturday night = braai night

creepy playground

Sippin on some "fizzy drinks"