Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday, not much to do... yet

A few things.. Michelle and I went out for our first date in Lilongwe the other night.. It was a bit of a comedic event.. We wanted to go out to eat but needed to stay close to a place called "Club Amazon".. we had plans to try our hand at Tango dance lessons.. So there was a small African bar and grille right next door to it called "The Living Room." There was a good crowd, a nice mix of people.. We sit down in the back of the patio area and didn't realize that tonight was "poetry slam night." We tried to have a quiet meal during an hour of poets ranting and raving about subjects which included, but not limited to things such as... Poverty, illness, lost love, bad love, lovers beating you, government scandal, uprising, suppression, depression, more poverty and men with super powers.. As this was taking place in the restaurant, outside the restaurant there was a giant loading and unloading of some type of object that required at least 20 men to scream and shout..  needless to say, it was a laugher of a quiet dinner together.. Then we headed to the club for tango lessons.. When we arrived, there was only a couple sitting at the bar (talking about things that made Michelle and I feel really uncomfortable) as well as a gentleman.. The place felt weird and a little like a swingers club.. So we left and ended the evening having a drink at the sunbird hotel .. It was nice to get out.. 

The weather is windy and warm.. hitting the 90's during the afternoon. For exercise, Michelle and I have been swimming at the pool on campus and it has been really enjoyable.. Kate is swimming 4 days a week for her team and the rest of the crew swim 3 days a week.. Somehow, we are becoming one of those swimming families.. 

I have attached a few photos of Michelle's workplace.. Kamuzu Central Hospital... It is the only hospital in town and it seems like it is a zoo. I promise that Michelle will post with some details, but alot of the stories she brings home are tough to here... The hospital is over cramped, understaffed and lacks facilities.. Be thankful for our healthcare back home.. Most patients share beds.. Michelle is on call this evening and will be very busy throughout the day... 

It appears that our car troubles will soon be over.. We have agreed to purchase a Mitsubishi Pajero ... As stated in a previous post, it is very old but seems like it will get us through the next 9 months.. Plus it has 4wd, a roof rack for the kids to view game and a sweet updated radio.. We hope to start driving it on Monday... This weekend will be uneventful for us. Hope to have some fellow teachers over on saturday for a braai and hang out at the pool.. We will probably travel next weekend as it is the "mother's day break " here in Malawi.. 

All for now as I have 4th graders banging on my door.. Happy Friday .. Hope all is well back home.. 

where I drop Michelle off for work..

Our new purchase!! yes, it has purple wheels. 

Hospital entrance

Pediatric ward.