Friday, August 15, 2014

shaking hands, holding hands , more beautiful sunsets

I have noticed a few things that I have found similar to our experience in Botswana.. For one, Hellos and introductions can take a while. It is a show of respect to shake hands for a long time as you say good morning, what is your name, how do you spell your name, and what does your name mean.. It is a sign of respect. It is also common to see good friends regardless of  their sex holding hands as they walk down the street.

Nothing really new to report other than that .. I am getting ready for the first day of school(Monday)but my classroom still isn't ready.. There is no tile, no counters, no cabinets.. i may have the week off of school next week.

The kids school is fantastic. People are very kind and accommodating and the campus is huge.. So much space for the kids to run and a lifeguard everyday from 9-5.  there will be a basketball team, swim team,  field hockey, soccer and ballet..

No strange things happened today, but every night i am hit with an amazing sunset. Even the Africans here stop and appreciate it.. They say it is different every night and should be admired. I would agree. it lasts forever and changes every minute.

Headed out to work at school in the morning, then am going to hit the Lilongwe golf club for 18 holes tomorrow afternoon. I have  booked a weekend at Senga bay for next weekend , so my first excursion out of the city will happen next friday. May take some new found friends from school .. I am currently watching "airplane" on the local cable television station... great friday night.

kids cafeteria

swimming pool on campus

my car in the school parking lot

Another great sunset

washing area in our house