Thursday, August 21, 2014


 I did not get the name of the vendor in the picture below, but he is just around the corner from my house. One thing that is different here in Malawi than in Botswana is the huge supply of fresh vegetables and fruit. Just about every street there are people sitting on the side of the road with various types of food. This man was selling corn on the cob (in the husk or fresh off the grill), potatoes, bananas and cassava... i have not heard of this before, but he told me it tastes like a sweet potato. I pulled over, grabbed 4 corn husks and 4 big potatoes for about 1$.  And the quality is very good
Last night, I went back to the golf club for dinner. I stayed way too long as everyone at the bar was buying drinks for each other. I didn't want to disappoint and leave, so I hung and talked to many of the local men. Most of them had been to the US, and one had visited the Hofbrau house in Newport. He had a brother who worked for GE. 

A nice day at school today.. Kids are very well behaved and well spoken. I ate at the tuck shop (cafeteria) and they have a great selection of food... like a philly cheese steak and chicken ranch pizza!! Who knew? 

We are in the process of purchasing a van for the kiddos before they arrive. I am going to have a luggage rack welded to the top of it for our many excursions.. Keep your fingers crossed that everything works out..  I think that's all for now.. didn't get pulled over today, but I have some plans to go out and purchase some items for the house. Hope all is well at home. 
Here's to my son Jacob who I believe is moving off to college this afternoon.... big day
blind contour drawing! 8th grade