Wednesday, August 27, 2014

biting off more than i can chew.

Today was a full day of teaching . I taught nursery school kids, 6th graders, 2nd graders, 5th graders, 9-10th graders and 11-12 th graders...
The high school students here are excellent. A great diverse bunch who seem to have the patience and open mindedness to do great things this year. I hope it goes well. The other kids are great as well and very eager.. It is the nursery school kids that are scaring me. I have little to no experience with this age and 50 minutes of art with this group is alot. I had a plan, was ready to go and within 10 minutes I was getting bombarded with "I'm finished" and "I have to go wee-wee" and students ripping up their drawings for no apparent reason. I was completely out of my element. But somehow, some way I received hugs as they departed my classroom.

Not much else to report today. At 5:20 I took a walk. If you walk a particular route through our neighborhood you can walk and watch the giant ball of fire set over the horizon.. It is amazing.. and people here aren't walking to keep the weight off. They walk with authority. Michelle will be the first to tell you I am a slow walker, and it shows here. Everyone is walking at a quick pace, as I am hobbling along. I miss running but it just seem life the right thing to do considering shorts really aren't worn at all here.

I did find a great place to get my hair cut and I picked up a table built by a local carpenter (Jonas).. it is of great quality and cost about 15$. He asked for an extra tip because I think he knew he did a great job.

Not much else to say... I hope to make a trek out of the city again this weekend and find a good place to hike.. ALot of grew trails outside the city.. just need to remember to wear my boots.. as snakes are abundant.. and not the regular kind.. Mambas, cobras, adders. etc..

All for now.. here's one of my nursery school classes. Hope all is well and my thoughts and prayers go out to Huseman family. Great friends.