Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Bruce Springsteen or the Eagles?

 The music that accompanies to work always surprises me.. Actually the music in general here is like a flashback to childhood.. While shopping in Chipiku ( my new grocery store).... debbie gibson, the Bangles, John Waite.. they can all be heard.. it's kind of nice.
This morning, the Eagles were jamming as I pulled out of my driveway. It was great..  I'm more of a California country eagles fan... none of the "take it easy" or "heartache tonight" sort of thing.. so when " I can't tell you why" came on.. i was excited... the great about it was that the disc jockey said it was Bruce Springsteen's "Human Touch".. which would have been welcomed in my car. One of those weird things that makes you happy while living here..... hearing songs you would maybe bypass at home.

Anyway, I've attached the video of me driving ...

School today was interesting.. the first time I've taught kindergarteners in a long time.. I think I may have let half the class go to the bathroom. This is due to the fact that last time I taught kindergarten, one of students asked to go to the bathroom and i politely said "no". he had been at least 5 times prior ... turns out he ended up peeing his pants.. Ever since then, I usually let my students go to the bathroom.

After work, I went to get some cushions made for the wicker furniture i bought the other day. I went to a little store that sells ... yep, you guessed it.. foam. In block format, mattress format , etc..
I bought enough to fit the seats of our couches and then went to a fabric store called "Galaxy".. I was convinced to purchase this particular fabric.. I bought 3 meters, walked outside and there was a tailor waiting to help cover the cushions... I asked him how much for him to cover the cushions, he quoted me a price of about 7$ for the job. I agreed. Then I could here a group of women laughing at me for paying that much money for the job.. I felt duped ..

The fabric store is in a very busy market area of town where people are set up selling used clothing, shoes, food, radios, etc.. It's a cool place to browse, but I stood out like a sore thumb...While I waited for my cushions to be made, i just kind of sat and people watched ..... perfect place for it.. In front of me, two women were unloading a giant bag of suit jackets... selling for 1000 Kwacha they were yelling ... that's about 2.50$ .Men were swarming trying on jacket after jacket.

Around 6pm I went to to have dinner with a South Africa couple I teach with. .. great South African charm, good food and conversation.
I think that is all today.. I promised myself I wouldn't drive at night, but i had to since I was out for dinner.. The sky at night here is amazing..

Tomorrow I move into my classroom and begin teaching in an actual classroom.. things are moving in the right direction..
All for now.