Thursday, August 28, 2014

countdown is on

Not much to report today.. I took a walk this evening. decided against shorts, but was still laughed at by the neighborhood children.. they are relentless. I think they just wonder what in the world is this foreigner doing?? The countdown officially begins as Michelle and the kids will be departing next friday. I miss Jacob a lot , but i know he will stay busy this year with college. Things seem to be going well the first week.
Kate's birthday is tomorrow and I am looking forward to seeing how she adjusts at her new school. I know missing her 8th grade at st. thomas will be rough, but I think she will be greeted here with open arms.. The school seems very inviting and accepting(as most kids have been transplanted).
Trying to figure out what to do this weekend and I think (as stated last post) I will take a hike. About an hour outside of the city is Nkhoma.. it has been advised to me that I should go hike it.. picture below....
Other than that, I have some work to do for school and maybe get in a round of golf. also, might try to set out for my first run here in Malawi.
soft drinks here usually come in bottles.. instead of getting cokes in a cardboard box, they come in crates.. like milk crates.. Here's a photo of my lunch break.. the tea here is nice and home grown.

The other photo is my students sitting outside drawing the drees on campus.. Everyday here is sunny and warm.. not humid .. yet.

Hope all is well at home
Hey!!! you ain't gettin no coke! know what i'm talking about?

will try to hike this saturday