Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Constable Andrew

6th time pulled over, 5th time  at this same location. This morning on my way to work I was flagged by a police officer in a yellow bib and camouflage . He looked to be about 18 and was sporting a giant rifle.. His name was Andrew.. We shook hands and I told him to be careful getting into the car with a giant gun.. He assured me it wasnt loaded.. yet... Since he had a giant gun, I felt like I should pull over. Here, police do not drive around in cars with lights.. they hang out on the side of the road and freely pull you over... I'm not sure what happens if you don't stop, considering they have no real way of catching you since they aren't in cars.. but I don't think Ill take my chances....  Several people get pulled over all the time and simply pay off the cops..
Everyday is an adventure here and it doesn't get old.. yet.. I'm sure after 6 or 7 more times of getting pulled over it might get a little frustrating.

Had my first class today.  12th grade art appreciation. it was great. Think I'm going to enjoy teaching the high school kids here.  Not much else going on today. It's still sunny and pleasant. I haven't seen any sign of rain since I landed here. Missing my kids as I know Jacob is getting ready to take the plunge into college life and the rest counting down the days until the arrive here. I think they will really enjoy their time at this school.

All for now.
shops across the river