Saturday, September 20, 2008

Snakeshow, the African way.

Well, what we witnessed today will always stick with me..
1. it was very cool
2. it would never happen at a school festival at home
3. it was totally insane

We had the opportunity to go to a "Fair" at one of the local international schools.. It was nice... dunking booth, swing ride, juice boxes and hot dogs, firemen , etc.
But there was a truck from the BDF a.k.a the Botswana Defense Force..

We were eating our marhmallows, popcorn and lollipops when over the intercom they announce the beginning of a "Snake Show." Without a doubt my interest was sparked and it just so happened to be taking place at the BDF truck which was parked right next to us... I took Maura over, saw Jacob was already there waiting.....
Now, the only thing separating you and the space around the truck was a tape line... that's it..
The 2 BDF soldiers bring out 2 bags.... They untie them and dump them out in front of children of all ages......
2 snakes come out, ready to roll.... A South African Cobra and a Puff Adder..
The Cobra, quick as snot, flairs it hood and begins to move around freely.. so much so that the crowd gathered around the truck kept running away when the snake would move towards them... It was frightening... Needless to say, we had to keep a good eye on Jude.
The BDF soldiers would occasionally poke the snakes to make them strike, but most ofthe time would relax with one arm on the truck....
The cobra would move quickly and the children would constantly be on their toes... I've never seen so many kids captivated by an animal "show" before in my life.. I guess when your personal safety is on the line, that makes a big difference..

Well I couldn't envision this happening at a turkey festival or near the "Big 6" booth at home, but we are in Botswana.... and when they mean a snake show, they have no choice but to include deadly snakes..

I thought it was over, and then they pulled out a big, big bag..
It was a 15 ft. Python.... that came out striking at its handler... It was awesome.. Again, the only thing that was keeping it from eating any little toddlers around it was the safety of a caution tape...

The bad news... no video footage... the good news... NOrthside school will be holding their "Fair" in 2 weeks.... On schedule for the Fair... "BDF Snake Show". I'll be sure to get some footage...

Ok that's it.. what a strange, strange thing.... But made me wonder how uptight we are at home..... I mean really, so what if a child gets bitten by a deadly snake during a school fund raiser? It'll keep them coming back..

Headed to "Brian's" circus in 2 hours....