Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy birthday to grandma!

Happy 21st birthday grandma!!!!

We'll bring you some Chibuku home to drink in December to celebrate...
Hope you have a good day.

We are still trying to settle down from all the excitement of the weekend..Brian's circus will live with us forever. And now we need to prepare for this next weekend as it is a long one... Independence day here in Botswana so all the businesses will be shut down for 5 days... unless the president decides to extend the holiday for an extra day, like they did last year.. YOu have to love a country where the president says.... "you know what... let's shut her down for another day." This city becomes an absolute ghost town as everyone goes back to their home villages to celebrate... We need to stockpile all of our groceries so we can survive the holiday..Everything is closed.

We are planning on taking the whole family out for a night of bush camping on Tuesday of next week... Camping out in the bush with Jude and Franny could be alot of fun....or scary..

Other than that, nothing big.. I shipped our first box back home today, which is really the beginning of the end... It was a little sad... but at the same time, a good thing... I've been shopping around for at least a week now trying to find the right place/price to go through... Ithink i got it..

Now I just keep my fingers crossed and hope it makes it home...