Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday fun

Not much going on this morning.. I made some horrible pancakes for the kids and they are walking around playing shopping.. Jude is dressed in drag and Franny is creeping me out... Constantly staring me down and clicking her tongue to the roof of her mouth.. Jake had his friend Stephen spend the night and they are upstairs trying to sleep through the madness of 4 kids screaming at the top of their lungs...

Michelle is out running 15 miles this morning.... which isn't that fun here in Botswana, considering you can see all 15 miles ahead of you.
The good news is that it has cooled off considerably and is clouded over for the first time in 4 months.... It feels like home. No one here (Botswana locals) think Obama has a chance to win the election... They say America will never elect a black president. But, they are hoping..

Better get going.... the kids are destroying the place. I will try and write more later.