Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lounging around, more video.

I apologize for all the videos , but I have nothing else to report.... or do.
I'll have a few more in the next few days, then I'll be finished...
Here's some of the kids, a drive through the hills, Jude with his friend Lucky..
Yes, Rihanna is playing in the background... That was Lucky's choice.. I swear.
Jude was mesmerized by Lucky, and wouldn't leave him be.. He wanted to be held by him the whole trip and had a hard time saying goodbye... We offered to give Jude to Lucky as a goodbye present, but he wasn't interested. Lucky was a sweet kid, who worked at the lodge as a guide for visitors who wanted to go to local villages and hikes...Michelle asked him how people make a living here, since there is nothing around.... He told her they work in mines in South Africa and come home during the weekends... Many work in mines near Rustenberg, SA, which is about 3 hours from us...
That means they travel about 7 hours away to work.... He told us that some of the men steal rocks and dirt from the mines, and bribe the policemen who guard the mines.. Here's the video...

The kids start back to school next week.. can't wait..
I hear Chad Johnson changed his name to "Ocho Cinco"... thank God.
And I saw the Reds were officially eliminated from any chance to make the playoffs.. Another banner year for my redlegs.. We get ESPN Sportscenter USA every once in a while, and this morning we saw that Adam Dunn hit a game winning hit for the D-backs.. And who is Chris Dickerson?