Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's been a few days

I apologize for not getting anything posted lately... It's not that things have been too busy, but I just haven't had that much to report...
The kids are in full swing at school and afternoon activities have started up..
I am coaching softball (the Under 13 boys) and we had our first practice yesterday.. The problem.... teaching boys who normally throw a cricket ball the fundamentals of throwing a softball. It's very interesting, but was alot of fun.. The kids were attentive , eager to learn and trying very hard..
Jacob of course is the stud of the show... The only American in his class.... He's been waiting for this day since January...

Jacob will also be swimming, playing chess and computer lab while Kate tackles Pottery, computer , swimming and ball skills..

If you have yet to see the school kate and Jacob go to... here's the link..
http://www.northsideschool.net/ It has been a great experience for the kids.

Jude and Frances went to school today and are really enjoying it.. I wait to tell them they are going to school until the last minute, otherwise they bolt to the door immediately..
I will really miss the school they go to.. Maura loves it and the teachers are so nice to the kids....Plus, no one is getting a weekly sickness as was the case when Maura went to Tiny Bubbles..

We are still doing well... had a nice weekend of hanging out, preparing things for shipping home and visiting with some friends.

Other than that it is business as usual...

Hopefully I'll have some interesting things to post in the next few days..

I'm going to take a little different path today, just cause that's how I roll.. and give you an audio recording of the noises from our backyard.. Even though we live in the city.... the birds and calm on our little walled-in plot can be quite relaxing. You may be hearing more of these... I bought this awesome little audio recorder from Michelle's brother Bob and hope to use it alot before I leave.... just to get some of the great sounds of this place... here is one.. I was attempting to tape a laugh of a woman who lives next to us.. I'll get it soon. I haven't figured out how to just post an audio clip... so I put it on You tube with some video from Swaziland.. If you wanted to hear the kids , I 'm sorry. they don't say much.. but the sounds you hear are from our actual backyard.... It's great noises, but it begins at 5 a.m .. and it's really , really loud..