Saturday, October 25, 2008

saturday...swim day.. jacob takes up tennis and barack obama t-shirts

Jacob had a nice evening of hanging out with his 2 buddies... Then this morning, had tennis lessons nearby at a tennis club.. He really enjoyed and would like to continue.. Just another thing to drop some cash on. We treated him to Nando's, which is actually a nice fast food chain here, that specializes in grilled chicken..
When we went to pick it up at the Mall, there was a bunch of young high school aged girls walking around with Barack Obama t-shirts on... I commented to them about their shirts, they asked if I wanted to buy one... They said they were sellng the shirts to raise money for a class trip.. I thought that was hilarious.. In Botswana.... people are raising money for their school by selling "Barack Obama is my Homeboy" shirts.. I bought one and wished them well.. Next thing I know, they had sold another one to the man next to me..

People here are just waiting for this election to implode... The whole continent is just hoping for him to pull this off... And come to think of it, what a huge celebration there will be here if he wins....

Swimming this afternoon, then having a friends over for dinner.. Apparently they are brining impala to eat...(photo) No other news.. I joined Facebook yesterday and am completely sucked into it... The kids have soiled themselves, have their fingers in electrical sockets and are swimming without supervision, but I am determined to make sure I add more friends... God, I'm an idiot..

Michelle has booked our flight out of Gabs.... We leave here December 6th and head to Cape Town to try our hand at flying all 7 of us standby to Cincinnati... Keep your fingers crossed.. The good news is.. If we get stuck in Cape Town.. We are stuck in Cape town.. I can't think of a better place to have to hang out for a few days..

December 6th we begin our journey back home. When Michelle told me she got the confirmation, I was excited, but also very sad.. Our adventure is coming to an end..