Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mmmm.... Magwina!

Ok, I am back online.. my computer is back and the kids are on a long weekend... Again.
It's like they never really go to school.. Jacob has completed his large project on Malaria and apparently passed with flying colors.. 2 nights ago, we were invited to a viewing of all of the major projects completed by the Standard 7 class.. There were projects devoted to Xenophobia, Malaria, child slavery, African poverty, Pollution, Immigration issues, Poor rulers, Genocide..etc.. It was an impressive display of work by the kids and something I don't Jacob would have ever been exposed to back home.. I know he learned alot from doing the research as well as from his classmates..

Now, onto Magwina.. which is Setswana for "fatcake". Every morning a husband and wife team walk the streets with 2 buckets.. 1 is filled with soup, the other is filled with Magwina.. The are basically large fried dough balls that are absolutely awesome... They stop by our home every morning, our gardener and security guard always buy one, I usually buy 3 or 4 for the kids.. Cost is 1 pula each(about 12 cents)... If you want soup, the pour it into a sandwich bag and dump the magwina in the bag as well.. Jude loves them..

They are sold in the shops nearby, but the husband and wife team are my suppliers..

I am still debating as to whether Jacob , Kate and I will head to Khutse for one more camping trip with the lions, leopards, cheetah and hyenas.. I am waiting for Jacob to decide.. He turns 13 tomorrow and it is up to him..

Life is going well here and things are getting busy.. We are preparing to come home, but at the same time are trying to stay focused on things here.. Michelle seems busier than ever with work...
I picked up the cameras from the children in Mmangkodi yesterday and had the film developed.. There are some amazing photographs, many that I hope to included in my exhibit when we return..
Many of these children live in horrible conditions, but seem to manage to keep their head afloat, and always seem happy..

I have lots of photos today... Jacob with his project... Kate looking half asleep... Michelle's friend Agnes who runs a tuck shop outside the hospital.. Magwina!!!!
some of the children at Mmangkodi.. One of them is a small class of youngsters singing "put you left hand in..." etc . A little girl who I hope I will never forget(in the blue school uniform).

It's hot, kids are swimming, twins are sleeping, Kabo(the piano teacher) is sleeping on the couch, Steven(securtiy guard) is sleeping under a tree...It's nap time here in Botsawna.. Not much else to do, considering it's too hot to go outside..

ALl for now.. If we camp, wish us luck... The third time is a charm!!!