Monday, October 13, 2008

my kids talk funny

With 7 weeks to go in our adventure here in Africa, things are going well...
We had a nice weekend with some activities, but still alot of downtime..
Unfortunately, Maura decided to unleash her South African accent on us as well...

As I'm sure most South Africans find my accent ugly and crude, I find the south African twang simply annoying...It's hard to describe, kind of like a rugged English accent... Instead of Yeah, they say Yaw... Not Ya'll ,Yaw...

I think it's mostly the inflection that drives me nuts.. It's like being on a roller coaster ride.. Where the sentence or phrase will gradually go up, then quickly come down at the end.... In terms of how it really sounds here... check out this You tube video about the Afrikaaner accent... It's really funny... I can't embed the site, so you have to cut and past the address into your browser

Then, if you want to hear the real Afrikaaner language, check out the Simpsons!!!

But my children have developed their English accents and hopefully it will go away when they come home... Then they can talk like funny Americans.

Yesterday was officially our first day of hanging poolside.. It was a nice day and it's getting hotter...Jude and Frances enjoyed hanging out in their intertubes

I went to the bank this morning to cash a check... Took a magazine, expected to wait in line for an hour only to be turned for a number of reasons... (didn't sign the check right, bank didn't have any money, closed for lunch break at 9am, etc)... Well as I've stated before... expect the worst and you'll be pleasantly surprised.. I walked in, 3rd in line and got my money in less than 15 minutes.. It was grand

Here's another video for you viewing enjoyment .. It's the kids at the pool.. Hope you enjoy..