Friday, October 31, 2008

1 more month of blogging, Maura's B-day! and Soweto

Today is Halloween here in Botswana, and there's no trick or treating..
But it is Maura's B-day and I am heading to her school to dish out some cupcakes in an hour or so..
She turns 4 and seems very, very excited. In honor of her birthday I thought I'd pull out 2 classic Maura videos for your viewing pleasure.. Now you may suspect some bias here, considering I did nothing for Jacob. Keep in mind Jacob just turned 13 and refused any birthday endorsements. No photos, no nothing..
Maura can't log onto our blogsite yet, so she can't do anything about it..

Sorry, I am too lazy to make up another video... I had alot of time on my hands last October, probably was a little more depressed about being here then as well.. So I made alot more creative things back then to take my mind off of it.

Enjoy!! THings have really settled down here and we are in the home stretch.
We are trying to just simply enjoy our days here and are taking full advantage of our pool. It is "Africa" hot here... and there is no relief in sight. I am sweating through my shirt while typing on the computer.
THis will probably be the last post until sunday evening...Michelle and i head to Johannesburg, South Africa to run the Soweto marathon.. We leave early tomorrow morning and will be back Sunday evening.. I hope to God it is not this hot in South Africa..

Be back on Sunday. Happy Birthday Maura!!!!