Saturday, July 26, 2008

Serious Softball

Being the serious baseball lover that I am, I couldn't pass up an opportunity to take in a few games that were happening at the fields near our home.. Apparently there was a secondary school tournament going on.. After talking to some of the coaches, the tourney had been going on for 2 days, the schools were from all over the country and were all camping around the fields during the night.. The teams shared the same bats, helmets, etc during the games and the play was excellent. I was surprised by the level of play. I just figured it was a game that was being learned and new to these parts.. I was wrong.. It was fast pitch softball, they understood the situations/fundamentals, everything.. One gentleman told me it is the 2nd favorite sport of the country. the kids were great. The fans cheer on their teams with singing and calculated chants... And again reinforced the fact that our sports at home is taken way, way, way too serious and way too expensive.. The kids here have nothing and don't need anything... They just play the game, congratulate each other, get angry with each other, exactly the same at home.. But without bat bags, individual helmets, sponsorships, batting gloves, names on their shirts, etc.
Made me feel like an idiot. I gave a young boy my old glove and a few baseballs and he about crapped his drawers.. He's not even a lefty! Made me think about how much stuff we could get together and bring over to allow these kids some simple pleasures.
A few coaches approahed me about buying their teams some bats and balls.. They assume b/c I am not from here, that I have money.. I told them I didn't have money to donate, but would look into it... Any interest?
You could find 3 million good causes here and never run out of work..

Ok, enough of this talk... the game... It was great... I've attached videos..
1 is a slideshow of photos from the days events, the other is actual video footage from the games. The footage shows a girls team after a victory, they kneel when congratulating the other team and then gather in the middle of the diamond to pray as a team. My favorite part of the video is the constant cheering, each and every pitch.
Actual vidoe footage-

photo slideshow-

The fields were dirty, full of trash, full of people who were glue to the game.. It was perfect softball. The dugouts were old tarps, the grandstands would never pass inspection.. It included an ump that called it old school, screaming "Yer out!!!" every possible opportunity, A young pitcher that was a stud, fanning everyone in his path(you can hear the girls screaming "Bhuti, Bhuti" with each pitch)and hundreds and hundreds of on-lookers.

Needless to say, I enjoyed myself.. I may even play in a league that starts up in August..
Ok, I hope you enjoy the photos.. Also attached are photos of Kate and her friend Hannah, our local ice cream men, who drive around on bikes blowing a horn, and some pics from the game..
Jacob is out walking 28 km. this morning, while the little ones battle a cold.. Weather is getting a little warmer. still sunny