Thursday, June 11, 2015

Thoughts for thursday.

Michelle took off for Salima for the next few days and we will meet up with her tomorrow after we finish up school. Things here at school are very much they would be at home. Kids just received their yearbooks and are going around having them signed by friends and teachers.. Yesterday was really the first time I felt very sad to leave... I am trying to take in moments as they come. This has been our home for the past year and it has been totally crazy, but really wonderful at the same time..

I was grilling last night, watching the sun go down as giant bats flew overhead.. and thought how fortunate we are to see this part of the world again. And to have the kids witness it as well.. I am very grateful.  These next few weeks will be bittersweet.

Below are two photos of people I will miss.. I mentioned I was going to do a series of photos of people I speak to , meet everyday... Today's people are Pempho and her  child(not sure of his name.) She has an umbrella and table set up on the side of the road by our school. I buy my airtime for my phone from her and say hello to her every time we go to the grocery store. She is there everyday with her child strapped to her back selling airtime (airtime comes on little scratch have to dial a code into your phone... think bars and bells at summer festival).. Anyway, if we don't stop to say hello, she waves at us every time we pass by.


Then there are these two who have probably seen more of me than anyone in my life.... Since I've been here I've taken to swimming laps everyday.. The pool is 50 yards from my classroom, so each day I'll swim right after school for about 40 minutes..  I even bought a skimpy little bathing suit (not a speedo, but short shorts).. I figure when in Rome... I'll probably retire the short swim trunks upon my return home..  Anyway, Peter and Emmanuel are the life guards.. They work everyday Monday through Saturday from 7-4 and manage the pool. They watched me swim my laps each day and when took a day off, they asked me why I didn't swim. I helped Emmanuel with a loan so he could buy a tin roof for his home. They are great men who were always kind to our kids.. They knew them all by their names and when my kids would leave something behind at the pool, they would seek me out on campus to return it to me.  One time I was finished with my laps and Emmanuel stopped me to ask a questions.. "Sir, I am having trouble with this word".. He opened his Bible and pointed to the word 'omnipotent'. I told him the meaning and he graciously thanked me. If I come back here, I swore to myself that I would learn more of Chichewa. Everyone here can speak some English.. It's impressive.

Peter and Emmanuel

I think that is all for today.. Beautiful Thursday here.. I am headed to the pool actually to do my laps.. Got to get in a few more days of swimming laps in my tiny suit..  I may or may not be able to post something tomorrow or during the weekend. Internet will be spotty, but I will do my best .. Headed out for our last road trip to the lake.. A great way to celebrate the end of the school year.