Wednesday, June 17, 2015

"My friend"

I spoke with our guard Joseph last night for a while . He was visibly upset about us leaving . We have built a good relationship with them and I am sad to leave them . Unfortunately , they have come to rely on us for many things that we at home take for granted . His wife was recently suffering from malaria and he needed medication . We offered to help, Michelle gave him the name of a medicine to get and where to go .. I gave him about 8$. As I write this he is carting his bike out our gate with a Dixie chili party pak box that he wants to use to store some important items he has at home .. We would normally throw these things away ..  I don't think i can ever understand his life and I'm sure he feels the same way about me . Why in the world are you throwing away a perfectly good box ?!? With handles on it !! I'm sure that's what he was thinking . 
Anyway , he told me he was going to miss me , I said the same  to him .  Then , in an instant his tone changed and he said .."is my friend around ?" Jude is his "friend" and when he asks this , he is asking to play soccer with Jude .. Joseph is probably in his late 20's . So I call Jude , Jude sports up with his soccer shoes while Joseph  strips down to his shorts and Tshirt and they play soccer just about every day . 

The packing has begun and we are now in "wait " mode . The kids plan to get together with a few friends over the next couple of days as Michelle finishes work and I tend to a few things .. 
The lake was beautful and we had a great time relaxing . It was a nice way to end our time here and I was able to snap a few great photos .

Kate took the phot above on our drive home .. This was on the main highway .. You think this would fly on I -75 ? Hope is well back home . Not much else to report . All is well