Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Pizza night = vomit night...

Last night was pizza night.. I have to admit, it was the best pizza I've ever made.. Hands down. I prepped most of the afternoon, had the girls help cut up all the fixings, had the kids make their own pizzas, prepped a large pizza for the adults and was ready to go.. Then the power went out.. Pitch black darkness throughout the neighbourhood, and it last for about 1.5 hours.. SO, I loaded up some charcoal and we grilled the pizzas... It turns out they were better that way.. Got to roll with it here.. 

Unfortunately , Jude probably ate the most pizza out of all of us, and Jude probably threw up the most pizza out of all of us... On his bed. He has the illness that put Frances down for the count last week.. Currently he is sleeping in our bed and I am enjoying a day at home again. 

Yesterday in preparation for the pizzas I opted not to stop at the best grocery store in town, only because I had been there so many times in the last week, I was embarrassed to go back.. You feel guilty buying all these items and seeing the same workers over and over and over again, with the knowledge that you are probably spending more money on food in a day than they spend in 3 months.. So I went to another store.. they had none of the items I needed. Then I went to another local shop... they had a few items, but not all of the items.. Ended up having to go to two more stores, got stuck in traffic and spent an extra hour gathering items ... I learned my lesson.. I spend way too much on groceries... and I like going to the shop that has everything. 

Beautiful day here again.. Sitting at my dining room table, watching Kam our gardener sweep the dirt in our side yard in swirling patterns to make it look nice. I dig it.. and it's something I'll never see at home..  Happy tuesday. 

Photos below are mothers at KCH Hospital washing clothes outside the Pediatric ward. Michelle took this picture... A little different that Cincy Children's.  Other photo is one the many random traffic blockades that you will see driving through this country..Love the words on it...  You'll be driving 65 mph , then all of a sudden there's a blockade with a few people sitting next to it.. They'll get up and either 1) open it to allow to pass with no questions asked, 2) ask you "where are you going?" and when you tell them, they'll let you pass or 3) get up very slowly, come to the truck , say hello to everyone in the truck, ask you "where are you going?" and after you tell them they say "what did you bring me?" or "I am hungry" or "I am thirsty" .. then they'll open the gate for you..  But always with a huge and friendly smile.. regardless of whether or not you "brought" them something ... I'll miss that.