Wednesday, May 13, 2015

one last big trip before we leave..

This may be the last post this week as we head out for one more "Must do" trip. On Friday we head across the border to Zambia take the kids on safari.. We head to South Luangwa, check it out.. 
                                                 SOUTH LUANGWA ZAMBIA
It's one of the top safari destinations in the world.  We are going with another family and have rented a private home on the outskirts of the park... Check out the home if you'd like.. Classic African style home with a pool. The kids will have a blast when we are not checking out the wildlife. The place has everything - lions, leopards, wild dogs, elephants, everything.. We hope to see it all.. The last time we took the kids on safari, they were very , very little and hardly remember it.. So it should be alot of fun. 
Here's the website for the home we are staying in.. 

I am powering up the camera and getting things packed today. Tomorrow is a national holiday so there is no school. We leave early Friday morning. 
All is well here,  just busy.  I am noticing that my blog posts have become less and less personal lately, and I apologise. I think our lives have fallen into a pattern here where 1) we don't get to experience much of the culture and/or 2) everything has become normal.. really normal. There were huge piles of trash being burned right by  the side of the road yesterday when I went to pick up Michelle from work... totally normal.. at least 150 people packed in the back of a flatbed yesterday ... totally normal and safe..  

I also feel slightly bad that I have not made a better effort to take more photos of Malawians.. In Botswana , I posted photo after photo.. things there were different.. Here I just don't feel as comfortable.. I think I have more sunset photos than I know what to do with.. 
Ok, gotta run. Here's to hoping none of us are eaten by lions, crocs, snakes, hippos, wild dogs, etc. 
Looking forward to being out in the bush. 
Check back on Monday. 
Photos included some of the kids ... and yes, during a Malawian sunset