Thursday, February 19, 2015

"our driver is too slow!!"

without a doubt one of the best lines I've heard from a student in all of my years of teaching... I was in the office getting a key for my classroom, and the receptionist asked a group of students why they were late today.. Their response ... "our driver is too slow!" ...

Believe it or not, lots and lots of people have drivers for their children here.. It's pretty common and not necessarily a social status thing.  Can you imagine having a driver pick up your kids from soccer practice, swimming, basketball???  It would free up so much Facebook time... Having a driver is just so foreign to our way of living in the US, you would think only the elite have drivers for these sort of things.. The other things I've noticed around town is that when people are grocery shopping, they'll bring their nanny along with them to hold the baby/ children while they shop.

We are spoiled rotten here as it is with Cam, Rabina, Cosmas and Joseph around.. The kids play soccer with Cosmas and Joseph just about every day.. A few days ago Cam (we do not own a lawnmower) was cutting grass with scissors...

Not much going on here for Thursday.. the routine continues of basketball practice, swim practice and  beautiful weather (sorry folks).  Big swim meet tomorrow here at school, Kate has a basketball tournament on Saturday and nothing else.

A few photos... My students wanting to come into my classroom.. I had 4 minutes left of lunch.. They weren't happy...

Remember the days of taking your bottles back to the grocery store to have reused?? That still happens here and I really like it.. Finish a crate of beer/ cokes and take it back to the shop.. They give you a refund that  you can use for the next crate.. I predict this will be a trendy thing to happen again back in the U.S..

I can't escape UK even here in Malawi... The gentleman I buy my bananas from was sporting this t-shirt yesterday..  Thinking about giving him my Louisville tshirt .. He usually stands on the side of the road holding bunches of bananas waiting for someone to pull over.. I  buy about 3 a week from him. You could say I'm a regular.. We don't even negotiate prices.. I just give him 1000 kwacha, he hands me about 15 bananas..

Below is a short video from our stay at Senga Bay.. I have a few other I'll share when my computer can actually upload something.. This is just at dusk and we were sitting on the deck watching the storm takes shape over lake malawi.. The video is an awful representation of the event, but it'll have to do