Friday, February 20, 2015

no idea

Joseph came into work last night about 5.. Most of the time when he arrives, he is sporting a big smile and a big hello.. .. But I could tell something was bothering him... He usually tries to have a conversation with me,, but his English is pretty broken and we usually leave wondering whether the other person fully understood the other.. I wish I knew Chichewa.

About 30 minutes after he arrived, he came to me and said he had a "small problem for his family".. Basically, his family had no food. Waiting until the end of the month to be paid was tough and he asked for an advance... of 5$.  This would help buy sugar and maize to hold them over until the end of the month.

I gave him the advance, then gave him the photographs I printed for him and his extended family..  I framed an 8"x 10" of his family and gave it to him.. He broke down crying.. I didn't really expect it.. I know that Joseph is a bit of a softy(like me) but it was pretty moving to see him break down over a family portrait. Granted, i take pretty damn good pictures, just have never seen someone  moved to tears over seeing their family portrait. It made me realize what I already know... that we are lucky, that we are fortunate, and the things we take as normal , everyday happenings (taking photographs) are major things here..  But then again, maybe are so fortunate that things like family portraits don't mean as much as they could/ should.. Joseph reached out his hand , wiped away some tears and said "thank you so much. I don't know what I'm saying , but i can only say thank you so much. this is so expensive and we don't have any photos... ". I told him it wasn't a problem, and I was glad he like the photos..  I like Joseph.. He's a good dude.

Big swim meet today here at the school. It's 9 am right now and it's sunny with no clouds in the sky. Maura has a sleepover, and we are supposed to get a new dog today..

Yesterday , the LSPCA came to inspect our property to make sure it was dog worthy.. I was at school when they came to the property, so they called me 3 times.. I missed all the calls. I called them back and in a very serious tone, Eric from the LSPCA says.. " I have reviewed your property, we need you to come to the office to answer a few questions.. " I told him I was on my way.. Thinking this was going to be some serious questioning about our intent for a puppy (after I told them we were leaving in June) I was prepared for some serious discussion.. When I arrived, Eric greeted me and said."ok, I have two questions... Do you have blankets for the dog?" and " i noticed you have a bowl for your current dog, are you able to supply another bowl for the new dog?" When I answered "yes" to both questions, we were approved.. it's important to have face to face meetings for such pressing issues..

Ok, have class coming in, gotta go. have a nice weekend back home.. I'll check back in on Sunday. Below is me with Joseph, Maria(wife), his sister and his mother-in-law.