Friday, November 7, 2014

waste not...

Rabina sent a message to me the other day... it was subtle and kind, but I heard it.. The message was... Andy, you're an idiot.

One day after school she made the kids popcorn over the stove.. Ever since I was about 13 we abandoned making popcorn on the stove or in a popcorn maker, and relied on the microwave.. So, I asked her to show me her technique...  Making popcorn is easy, right?!?!!
So, a few nights later, i told the kids I'd make them popcorn.. I heat up the oil, poured in the kernels and proceeded to burn 3 batches of popcorn.. I burnt the pans, polluted the house with smoke and burnt corn kernel smell and threw away 3 batches of kernels.. I buried them in the garbage and hoped she wouldn't pay attention.. I tried to cover my tracks as I knew Rabina would see the crime scene in the morning..  Well, she must have figured it out, and when we came home from work, there was a giant batch of popcorn waiting for the kids... As if to say... "You're an idiot".. 
We ate it up... and I haven't made it since. I think I'll try my hand at it tonight, as it is way better than microwaved kernels. 

Rabina has also offered to cook a meal a week for us (she offered every night, but Michelle loves to cook, so we will try one night a week for now)... Apparently she has cooked for others quite often and I couldn't really say no .. We asked if she would please cook some Malawian meals and so far, so good.. Last night we had a roasted chicken with carrots, potatoes and onions.. oh, and she made cupcakes from scratch..  The photo below was of some items left in the fridge when I came home.. this is the onion and carrot she did not use in the meal... I think at home, I would have thrown in the garbage and never given it a second thought.. This is probably a meal for someone here .. So, we have learned to save everything, reuse everything or we give any extra food to Joseph and Cosmas.. They usually get a meal.. 
It's Friday and we have swim "gala" this afternoon.. It is called the "Maroon and Gold Gala".. all the kids are swimming and I am timing.. Then tomorrow evening we head to the swim club to watch England v. All Blacks in Rugby... Watched the USA get pummeled by the All Blacks last weekend 67-6.. 

One great thing about living here is living without... and then finding what you really crave at the grocery store.. like an occasional good beer.. I found Guinness at the shop yesterday.. it was a nice find.. 

Ok, all for now. things are  well here and it's cloudy!!! so a little bit of relief from the sun. Video of the day (above) is the P.E class.. This is the high school P.E. class.. They have swimming as phys ed..( as does the rest of the school)..  Yesterday, I had just finished swimming my laps and this is how they spent the last 20 minutes of class.. not much different from home.

 Happy friday everyone.. don't throw away your scraps

Great find at the shop...