Saturday, June 28, 2008

wedding night and photographing a prom?

I was fortunate to experience a very nice ceremony last night. Celeste's friend Joyce was married, and i was the photographer.... It was alot of fun, the people were great, the food was outstanding, and the reception included a group of people that could actually dance!!!!

The ceremony/reception had all facets of an american wedding... but simplified.. by about 10,000USD. There were no elaborate settings, no wait staff, no loud DJ. Just a young boy popping in CD's every once in a while, friends of the brides serving the guests and cooking all the food, etc..

It was a nice experience..
The wedding parties arrived via pickup trucks with people filled in the bed, they marched in singing and, by Botswana law, had to married before the sun went down..
or 6pm..

So the religious ceremony was stopped(b/c we were running late), they signed the papers, then the ceremony continued.

Joyce's brother made the dress and the suit for her fiance(Modie) and I was the photographer...
I was thankful for the time and I think have landed a few more jobs in the near of the photos is a group of boys playing soccer in the courtyard of the church.. during the ceremony.

On another note, I stopped at the photo shop to pick up a memory card, there was a group of high school girls trying to get help with their camera.. they wanted to take a photo of their group for a friend, they asked for help, I took their photo with my camera, they liked it so much, they want me to photograph their prom...
I told them they need to talk to the "prom committee/administration,etc", they told me they were the prom committee.. it happens in November, so I may be taking photos for a high school prom.. The girls were very cool, and attempted to talk like Americans(very successful). Their photo is the group.

Not much else to say.... Jacob is going out to eat with his friends Ryan and Pavle, then to a movie, while Michelle and I head to a Mozambiquan festival this evening.. Should be fun..
I am taking Jacob, Kate and Maura to Khama Rhino Sanctuary tomorrow to take some game drives and stay at the Lentswe Lodge.. Our plan is to hunt for some Rhino.. We are staying in the CLiff Lodge, which has an unbelievable view of the sky at night...Hoping for no clouds.. I think our chances are pretty good.