Thursday, June 12, 2008

Matt and Cathy here!!

Ok, Cathy and Matt have arrived, they've spent 2 full days here and we will be heading off to Chobe tomorrow.. Yesterday we went to see the pottery at Gabane, walked around the village hung out with the kids, went for a game drive and chased a bunch of ostriches around.(video to come). ... Today we'll go to the Main Mall, check out some more crafts and then head out to Jacob's soocer game at 1:30 at Baobab school... A few things... They caught a flight from NYC to Senegal, but it was delayed 2 hours b/c the toilet didn't work..They were going to miss their connecting flight in Senegal,but there was another plane there due to a cancelled flight from the day before.. otherwise they would have spent the night in Dakar.They had to spend the night in Jo'burg, but Delta put them up for free...then they had an 8:30 am flight to Botswana, but it was delayed 45 minutes because they couldn't locate the pilot.. Classic.. Then, their luggage was missing, but we got it yesterday.... I was told, after retrieving it, to have it checked out in customs, but no one was at the customs desk,so we simply walked through with no check of anything..Thank God because Cathy was packing some serious artillery in her suitcase....

It's cold this morning, Matt, Cathy and Michelle took the two older kids up to school and will be heading to the Baylor clinic to hear the morning singing which occurs every morning. Looking forward to our trip north, check back to the blog in a few days... Hopefully we'll have some photos and videos of our adventures.