Friday, June 27, 2008

fruit freakshow and our little convicts

Not much to report. still sunny as all get out.. No clouds for 4 weeks now..looks like another beautiful day today... it's getting old.

We took the kids to the grocery store last night to get a few things.. We came home with a bag of bananas and Maura found a double banana in the batch. Pretty crazy eh?the photos are obviously of the 4 little ones(maura and kate are sporting their new pj's. Jacob opted out of the photo shoot.. THe kids look like convicts, who are getting their mug shots taken..kate and Maura look like they were pulled right out of their bed and dragged to the station.

today I went to Odi to take some UC law students(believe it or not) to get some weavings.. They are here interning with the government and will be here until August. i ran into them at the Pic and Pay supermarket, they looked lost and brand new(like we did last August). we got to talking, only to find out they were from Cincy..

that's it for now.. the long weekend is here.. The 3 older kids and i are going to Khama rhino sanctuary on Monday. I am heading out to photograph a wedding here in town.. all for now..