Friday, June 20, 2008

Jacob and cross country and soccer

today is friday and we are settling in for an evening of popcorn, sprite and movies. disney channel here plays a movie every friday night, so tonight it's "Wild One" . It's about some lion that gets out of a zoo and gets shipped to Africa.. or something like that...
one thing i forgot to mention that Matt and Cathy saw while they were here was jacob's soccer game.. He played in a match against the Baobab School, they lost 3-1. i don't have any photos, I was too busy trying to stop Jude and Franny from sliding down a glass infested hill... But it was classic African soccer.. No grass, dust,,etc.. I'll get some photos from my brother and sister and put them up soon. Jacob is also participatin in Cross Country and doing well. i think his first meet he finished 18 th out of 50th.. and is supposedly running a sub 8 minute mile..Iwonder if he can keep up with his old man..

today Kate had tennis and is starting her work on a serve..She needs to learn how to throw a ball up in the air first, but is doing well.. Kate is also involved in drama,games , soccer, setswana, physical challenges and science after school.

I am involved in nothing and trying to take more photos..
I took the books and frisbees that my brother and sister brought for the orphanage out to Mmangkodi today.. It was a great experience.. Jude and Franny made the trek with me, played in the dirt and met some of the children.. They were very excited about the books and asked for some more.. Apparently, they come in handy..and the kids love them..

So I plan on asking for more...or if anyone is interested in sending some . please let me know... They have alot of early teen, age 8-12 books and would love some more geared towards kids who are 2-6..

ok... that's it for now...One last video for the week. this one is of elephants, the sun setting and hippos from our trip to Chobe.. Hope you like it... Other videos are posted on the past 2 blog entries.
Here's the video.. Have a great Friday!!!