Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesdays news..

Tuesday has no news.. we are continuing to chug away at school and deal with Jude's stinky feet.. His feet smell like a Heineken beer that's been left out all night. It's gross. I went to the store "Pep" to get him some shoes, they are just too big for his feet. I have to take them back, fill out 10 forms and answer several questions as to why I don' t want the shoes.

Jacob had an oral report last night on his trip to Durban.. He still needs to write about his experiences... one of these days. Anyway, it was a great site to see. each child in his class was designated to write about a specific event of the trip.He is becoming very independant and growing up..Jacob's event was general... "spending time on the beach." He did a great job as did all the kids in his class. Judging from the slides they showed, the trip looked like a great time.
We have been asked to go on another camping trip to Khutse(lion country)... this will take place in a few weeks.. for 3 nights this time.. Michelle and I have not discussed who is going... we may pass it up and head to the desert instead.. there is a half marathon race in Ghanzi, on the edge of Botswana and Namibia. So we'll see. I am thinking i may give Michelle the opportunity to experience the lions and hyenas in Khutse if she wishes.. There's no reason why I have to have all of the fun.The picture I posted today is one of accomodations in Ghanzi... traditional Bushman huts.. I can picture Jude destroying the sides of one these..

Other than that, nothing new.. No clouds in the sky for the past many weeks..
Last note... Jude has learned to climb out of his crib... He gets out, sometimes climbs into Franny's, sometimes turns on the radio and tunes in a channel, or simply begins to wander around the upstairs.. Franny continues to throw strange fits when she gets mad. Her favorite is backing up into walls..
We have nothing to look forward to this week, but the kids have a long weekend this weekend, and a big 4th of July party next weekend. i have my first gig on Friday... I am the "photographer" for a local Mormon wedding(one of Celeste's friends) Should be fun.