Thursday, June 26, 2008

slideshow of chobe now ready!!!

My god, it's taken me long enough to get this together, but I finally have something for you to see. Here's some photos of our trip to Chobe, I hope you enjoy them.. This will be the last time you see Chobe until hopefully November, when we try to head up before we leave in December..

It is truly an unbelievable place.. Here's the slideshow...

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The wildlife can be so abundant that you become an animal snob during your stay there.. You find yourself driving past elephants on the second day thinking.. "Ah, it's only a group of 10 elephants.. let 's see what else is here." It is totally quiet, with nothing around you.. except for wild animals, some that could potentially kill you in 3.5 second.
We are fortunate to have a 4 x 4 vehicle and can go anywhere in Chobe, which we did... We went about 20-25 miles into the park, which I think is about 1/2 in....there is no tarred road, no one policing the area to make sure people are safe..nothing.. It's kind of frightening at first, but really a true "wild " experience. The only people that work in the park is the people who work at the gate..(pictured) We entered the Sedudu gate, but there is no fence.. the animals roam freely , can be seen on the side of the road, near and around the village, etc...
I hope you enjoy the photos...

In terms of today.. not much going on.. I've been shopping for fruit at a local market/mall (BBS). Every time I park there this guy named Michael finds me and says he's "keeping my car safe for me". which basicaly means he saw it, knows its mine and knows that he can always get a few pula out of me.. Shopping for fruit here is a daily thing.. the kids eat nothing but fruit.. I'm not complaining, but the amount of fruit they eat is disgusting... THeir favorite is Nartjies(sp?) like tangerines..... they're very good, but Jacob and Kate leave the peels everywhere.. I mean everywhere.. in pants, in the bed, on the couch, etc.. Jacob has a soccer game today against Broadhurst.. I don't think they've won a match yet this year... Playing the locals is a daunting task.. and one they are not very successful at.

Ok,, that's about it today... I am meeting with the bishop of a local church regarding the wedding I am photographing tomorrow night... Should be cool..Other than that, we are preparing for a long weekend with the kids.. i am planning on taking the older 3 up to the Rhino sanctuary to spend a day chekcing out animals and eating good pizza at Lentswe lodge.. We'll see what happens..
All for now.