Friday, January 16, 2015

Notes for Friday.

Woke up this morning and was scratching up and down my leg.. I was getting bitten by something so pulled up the covers to find thousands and thousands of ants have invaded the bed.. They were all over me, in the crevices of my toes, etc.. Ahhhh ... Africa!  Nothing can really escape an ant invasion.. I did the dishes yesterday and in minutes the clean dishes that were drying on the side of the sink were covered in ants.. We have fruits flies, mosquitos, beetles, lizards, snails, spiders and other unidentifiable insects that invade our home every day.. You get used to it, and sometimes just have to laugh.. For now, I only buy bananas to make bread..If they sit around too long (over 2 days) the flies that invade are tough to get rid of. 

I try to not ask Michelle specific questions about work... being non-medical, the stories are too sad and depressing.. and most times, very hard to understand.. Yesterday I posted a photo from Michelle's hospital.. She was on call the other night and when she left at around 730 , there were 27 children still waiting for blood transfusions, with no blood in the blood bank.. And for our medical friends, each child had a hemoglobin level under 5.. Which I suspect is unheard of.. Malaria season has begun, and with the rains being so severe and causing many areas to be considered disaster zones, things are looking rough... 

On a positive note, Fridays are nice here at school because I get to have  Jude, Frances and Maura in class.. They are without a doubt 3 out of my 4 favorite students.  
Not much else to report.. 

I can tell you that alot of double solitaire is being played at our house and I've learned that my daughter Frances is a complete cheater.. She tells me she's learned how to shuffle and can do it by herself... She stacks the deck, orders the cards to her advantage and completely and totally denies it.. She's trouble. 
Below is a 10 second clip of a walk down a street in Lilongwe , the girls walking to their classroom on campus.. They've been here for 5+ months and are doing wonderful.. Also below is a beautiful photo of my favorite truck in the world.. my purple rimmed Pajero... we've named it Sylvia. 

Sylvia in front of a giant baobab(thanks Rebecca)

Kate and Maura