Thursday, January 22, 2015

Sweet escape

The stores were open, there was diesel at the gas station, I found me fish, the greens, etc.. The ATM machine was full of cash and our power stayed on all night.. SO I was able to destroy fresh fish, but managed to bake a decent cake for Michelle's birthday. I have a tendency to ruin birthdays, anniversaries, etc..    I'll start an argument or something stupid not realizing the significance of the day and usually send the day down the drain.. Not this year.. I did get a bit down about ruining a good meal, but Michelle told me to suck it up, since it was her day.. She is soooo self centered.

Honestly last night was a great escape from here... We didn't do much except stay up way too late and watching a great movie . If you have a chance watch the movie "Boyhood".. We enjoyed it thoroughly and Michelle was in tears( which is the sign of a good movie)...  But it was an escape.. the movie took us home, and for Michelle 2.5 hours of not thinking about work..

We realized yesterday (not a revelation) what we miss most.
We miss our friends and are so lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful people.. So thank you to everyone who sent along the birthday wishes to Michelle.. It was awesome.. I've never spent so much time waiting for things to download... Thank you.

I am in the process of making a video to highlight our daily goings on around here... I will highlight the shops we visit, people we encounter, etc.. so be on the lookout... With the internet the way it is here, it should be available for viewing around May..

Ok, not much to report, just very thankful for our friends and family back home..

Photos of the day are a painting on a wall at a local national park..  As we've been told many, many time.. humans are the reason for everything wrong with the world..  This is the opinion here in Malawi as well..

Also is a photo of a market on the outskirts of town .I purchased a few grass woven rugs from this place.

Tonight we are heading out with friends to a local pub to participate in a quiz night. theme is "Year in Review"..  I'm not sure how I will be any help with answering questions.. if it were 80's pop culture and baseball, I might be of some assistance...  I'll let you know how it goes..

Weather here is beautiful. Hope all is well back home and thanks again.. Everyone made our day.