Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Flies, golden globes and NFL football

NFL games come on here 7 hours later than when at home. So games started about 10 pm the other day and went on through the night. A sports bar in town( Champions) plays American football live. I just found this out this weekend.. So they played the Seattle game at 3 am the other night.. And they were open to broadcast it! I think this sunday I will head out late night to watch a game..

Last night after the football game we watched the tape delay of the Golden Globes.. Michelle loves the golden globes so we stayed up until midnight taking watching people who need to have their egos stroked, well... have their egos stroked.  Would like to to check out "Boyhood" though.. If anyone knows how I can bootleg a copy of that to watch over here, please let me know..

The serious rains seems to bring out another breed of flies that I have never encountered before.. They are ruthless and will hound you night and day. They don't give up, are in your face and will attack your food as soon as it is opened..

Yesterday I hit the grocery store after school.. I had a few things on a list to pick up and thought I would make quick work of it right after school.. There was nothing in the grocery store.. 3/4 of the items I had to get the shop was totally out of it... This occurs occasionally here, and the attitude of the employees is one I could learn from .. I asked the guy at the vegetable counter if they had any carrots, celery, spinach, peppers, lettuce , cilantro , cabbage, tomatoes or cheese in the back of the store.. He said "no , but maybe it will come tomorrow. We do have some nice potatoes ." I was sold. Picked up a couple of potatoes and walked out the door.. The meat I bought was bad as well, as were the hot dogs I planned to use later in the week for Skyline coneys(thanks bob)..  You don't know the meat is bad until you open it...the expiration date says January 23 of this year.. but I don't think it matters.

Not much else to report.. I know this is riveting information but that's really all I have.. I can tell you that one of best things about my job is the fact that I get to spend this time here with my kids. I see them all the time and I really do think it has helped with the day to day here.. The move here was a huge worry but I think now everything is normal. It's a good place to be and I think when you make a move like this, in your mind you play back the earlier times and wonder what you were so worried about. The kids have totally adjusted and have done very well living in southern Africa.. They've been having lots of dreams about home though and I think the start of the second semester has triggered that. For now, that'll have to do as we continue to enjoy our time here.. They started back to swimming today and with the change in weather, the pool is cold.. Jude just so happened to "sprain his ankle right before practice".. I think he needs to enjoy swimming a little more and realize there may never be another time in his life that he can swim outside in the month of January .

Hope all is well back home.. Here's a photo of a beautiful frog (maybe poisonous??) that me and a kindergartener saved from being squashed in my classroom.  Also, I found these on my computer from Kate and her friends shopping at the new Shoprite.. thought I'd embarrass her and share.Hope all is well back home.