Tuesday, November 18, 2008

update on my mom

As it stands now, things seem to be slowing moving in the right direction..Slowly.
I am receiving word from my brothers and sister about her status and it seems as if they have located the source of the problem and are letting the meds do their things... She is still very , very ill. My brother Kevin arrived yesterday and I think they are taking shifts in the ICU waiting room.

As wonderful as this experience of living in Botswana has been, this has been the most difficult aspect... Being helpless, unable to do anything and just waiting for someone to text you with an update.. When my dad died, it was surreal. Hearing him over the computer for the last time, realizing that I couldn't do anything for him.. and now this.. I am considering coming home, but it is a very tricky time.. We are slated to leave in 3 weeks.. and to leave here with Michelle having to finalize everything on this end would be difficult. THe doctors have stated that I should just wait.

Nothing else to report. Please keep her in your thoughts...