Tuesday, November 11, 2008

back out to Mmankgodi

today is tuesday and for the past 8 tuesdays I have been going out to Mmankgodi to spend time with the kids at the orphanage.. i have a ton of photos to drop off to them.. and they are aweseom pictures.. I will try and get a slideshow up of them for you to view.
today is a special day because they are going to performa Xmas pageant for me..to thank me and Thato for coming out and working with them on their photos. It should be great.
Michelle is still in the middle of nowhere, Ghanzi, a true Botswana village. She told me last night it was the typ of place you could hear the wind heading your way from 10 miles distance.. She said she had her door open in her room and a chicken walked by, then a group of guinea fowls, then an ostrich.. Not your holiday inn. She is staying in the Khawa lodge.. I equate these places to an old Clint Eastwood spaghetti western.. Without all the killin' and pillagin'. Just an African version with Kudu, lions, leopards and the like.. The lodge actually has a website..

Me and the kids are chillin' here in Gabs.. Jacob has a swimming gala this afternoon, while kate heads over to a friends house.
Here's some photos from last Tuesday's trip to Mmangkodi... Hope you like..getting bags out to see how much crap I can fit into them.. and also finalizing paperwork to have my baby (the truck) sold and shipping all of our booty back home. Really exotic stuff. I plan on treating myself out to a night of playing pool with locals tomorrow night.